Thursday, November 16, 2017

Women Business Laptop Bags

And so I've been hunting for my own birthday present for this year. Hubby is giving me the free reign (but not an endless budget boohoo) to choose my preferred present, with the condition that he will refuse any requests for funding yet another handbag *rollseyes*

Since I can't buy any handbags, and I don't want another pair of shoes (he bought the latter last year), I'm really struggling to think of anything! The initial plan was to drag Hubby into Chanel to look at accessories but I don't think he'll appreciate his hard earned money being spent at something so small. Perhaps something from Tiffany and Co? Or a watch? A new camera for better photos for this blog?

Anyway, Hubby proposed a laptop bag. The first time he said it, I laughed my head off. Like seriously. Why the heck would he spend so much money on a bag for my laptop, which will most probably end up on the floor or even in the boot of my car.

However, slowly but surely I started warming up to the idea. Honestly, my current laptop bag does not compliment my work outfit which I meticulously choose every morning.

Hence here are my shortlisted choices:

Top 3 choices of the Voyageur from Tumi. Far left is Calais (looks very school bag like) while the middle is Sacha (buckle type; very classy). 

This is the one on the far right and made from some coated PVC like material (not leather). Sturdier than the other two which are made from fabric. Tumi also offers complimentary monogramming!

Top 2 choices from Coach. Both from the men section (cos the ladies backpacks are so small!)

Anyway, I've sent my preferred choices to Hubby. He's refusing to tell me which one he's going to choose, so I guess the surprise is on me now!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Breathe by Beni Rusani

A friend recently asked me to purchase a book for her from MPH. She recently moved to a different state in Malaysia, and apparently she doesn't have access to any MPH bookstores nearby!

Anyway, the book that she wanted was entitled Breathe. I thought it was an international fiction or something. Rupa-rupanya it was written by a local writer! And a doctor too! It was also on the MPH bestseller list, so that got me intrigued.

Despite buying the book for my friend, that didn't deter me from flipping through it. Terus sangkut! From the first few pages, tiba-tiba I found myself on the last page. *chuckles*

Honestly, I judge a book based on the first few paragraphs. Since I found the first chapter written beautifully, it prompted me to continue reading. I won't spoil it for you, but it was definitely a good read.

The book is not too thick, perfect for a light read. I read it in one sitting! I personally felt like I could relate to it, as it spoke about having heart complications, which is a subject very close to my family. (Hubby had a by-pass in 2011, due to a congenital heart disease.)

Highly recommended. Support local writers!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

So Fresh with Peel Fresh!

"Eeee what is that?"
"It doesn't look nice, I don't want it!"
"Yucks, it smells weird!"

If you have kids like mine, you can probably relate to my meal time woes. It is a constant challenge to get the kids to have their fruits and vegetables. It is almost always accompanied with exclaims similar to the above, and it is then up to the parents to coax their children to "Please, try a bit" or "Just one bite?" and if all fails "It's good for you so eat it now or you can't leave the dinner table!" *chuckles* #beentheredonethat

I was recently invited to the MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Daily Goodness Roadshow. My biggest takeaway from that event was that the recommended intake for fruits and vegetables is two servings per day! How big is a serving size you ask? Well, it's about the size of your palm. And no, my kids are nowhere near to the recommended intake. They're probably doing half of it now, post coaxing and all!

A morning bird's eye of the MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Daily Goodness Roadshow.

Thankfully, my kids love drinking MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH as part of their daily meals. MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH is a fruit juice drink which is then pasteurized to retain its freshness. That's why it has a shorter expiry date and must be kept refrigerated! If you do not keep them chilled, they will go bad. These nutritious juices are definitely in a different league than 'long life fruit drinks’ (oh, you know, the ones that are typically sold on the dry racks)!

During the MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Daily Goodness Roadshow, I was also invited to be onstage with Malaysia’s sweetheart and MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH brand ambassador - Lisa Surihani and fellow blogger Audrey from Fourfeetnine. Together, we spoke about our challenges in getting our family to eat healthy and modeling healthy habits for our children. It’s amazing how us mothers can relate to the constant struggle of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle despite our hectic daily schedule!

Us onstage during the panel discussion.

Moderated by the lively and energetic Naz Rahman.

Full house for the live talk show!

While I was onstage, Aiden and Ian kept themselves busy with the various activities available, such as the Stacking Game, Balance the Scale and even Mini Golf! It was very interesting for both kids and adult alike, and upon completion of all activities, you get to take home a prize! We also took the opportunity to try the various flavours offered by MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH and in turn, took advantage of the promotional prices offered by stocking up on our favourite fruit juices for our home consumption.

Aiden acing the stacking game.

Trying their luck with mini golf.

I am especially excited about their new No Sugar Added range. Fortified with Vitamin A, C, E and antioxidants, it is the perfect daily companion towards a healthy lifestyle. My personal favourite is the Mixed Powerveggies & Fruits, and of course, Aiden wanted to try it out too. Upon his first sip, he commented ecstatically, "Wow Mummy, I can't even taste the vegetables!" *chuckles* But in all honesty, I personally wouldn’t have believed that the juice was made from vegetables and fruits either, if it wasn’t for the label on the carton. It was that good!

Trying Mixed Powerveggies & Fruits for the first time.

Rows of MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH just waiting for you to try them out. And if you spend above a certain amount, you get to go into the wind chamber where you stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

We were also invited to try out MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH's new variant, the Mixed Kale & Veggie. Although I was quite skeptical about how the kids were going to tolerate drinking a glass of fruit juice, murky green in colour… amazingly they chugged it down like a champion and even asked for more!


I can't wait to incorporate MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH's nutritious juices as part of our meal routine. I'm even thinking about making the kids drink a glass each in the morning, to kick start their day with a boost of fruit goodness. And with their ready-to-drink packaging, I can always count on MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH to provide a quick and convenient supplement for our daily fruit goodness consumption on the go!

Ending the day with a selfie with the stunning Lisa Surihani. She looks so ravishing - it must be from all the MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH fruit juices that she's been consuming. *smiles*

MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH comes in a variety of other flavours too. Do check out for more information.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Pixajoy Photobook Birthday Present from Maxis!

Dear valued MaxisONE Club member, Happy Birthday from Maxis! Celebrate your birthday month with these treats: (1) Up to 20% off smartphone accessories (2) 8”x8” OR 11”x8” Pixajoy photo book. (3) 50% off spa treatment @ Mandara Spa. More info:

So I received this message yesterday. Yup, it's officially November, which means that many many discount vouchers and promotions will start flooding my inbox in conjunction with my birthday month.

I usually try to take advantage of my birthday perks, so the Photobook offer captured my attention. Since I was just done with filtering and editing photos for Aiden's Fireman birthday party for the last blogpost, I had all those shortlisted photos tucked in a folder on my desktop. Perfect timing!

I've always dreamt about making photo books for all of Aiden and Ian's birthday parties, but I usually get turned off with the very complicated software, or the non-user friendly interfaces. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that Pixajoy offered a very simple interface; I didn't even have to download any softwares to design my book!

The 11" x 8" hardcover. Don't ask me why the cover is pink.

I chose the 11"x8", 20 pages hardcover book, so I had to pay for shipping (about RM8, free shipping if you choose the paper cover). Since it was dirt cheap, I wasn't particularly bothered about the design and the layout. I simply plonked all the photos in the pre-determined layouts (you can change the layout or even click on auto-fill option for the software to automatically map your photos according to your chosen layout), and then clicked confirm! Two days later, it arrived!

My dessert table on beautiful glossy pages.

So so happy of my RM8 Photobook. Despite zero planning (seriously, I just dragged and dropped photos), I thought it turned out beautifully!

Don't ask me why the cover is pink. I accidentally clicked on a different layout colour option for the cover, then I couldn't fix it back to white (or rather didn't bother looking for how to do it; mentang-mentang lah bayar lapan ringgit jer kan)... So yeah, it's pink. But not too bad kan - contrast lah with the very reddish pictures.

My only complaint. Since it was my first time using Pixajoy, they had a 93% discount for first timers for their square soft cover photo books. I gleefully registered, but then they didn't allow me to have the discount cos they claimed that I had made my first purchase via the Maxis birthday reward. What???!!! *sigh* Takpelah - takde rezeki.
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