Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Burger & Lobster, Sky Avenue Genting

I haven't been to Genting for two years! Two whole years! Whilst in the car on our drive up, I googled my last entry on our trip to Genting (read it here) and chuckled at the memories. Ian was such a baby and Aiden was very much a vain boy. *giggles*

On our way up, we had the shock of our lives... the car in front of us skidded, went spinning into the slow lane and slammed sideways into the hard divider. It had rained earlier hence the roads were slightly wet. But everyone was going slow and being extra careful. In fact, the car that skidded and our car were actually at the same speed. A few seconds earlier and it could have very well been us! *shudders*

Anyway, we arrived safely at the Awana Sky Station where GPO is. I won't get into much details about GPO but I was quite disappointed that they didn't have many big brands (Ferragamo, Gucci, Burberry, Polo Kids, Hackett) hence I walked out empty handed. We then took the cable car up to the top. There was a big crowd of Chinese tourists queuing and it literally blocked the entrance to the ticketing kiosk. Lesson learnt; if this happens, use the priority lane to skip the tour queue.

Genting has changed so much since the last time we visited. We were amazed at the new look... so modern and high tech. Such a far cry from the dark and bleak indoor arena with the winding escalators. Our first (and only) destination? Burger and Lobster, of course!

We were shocked at the longggg queue outside B&L. But because I was so adamant that I wanted that for dinner, I persevered. No reservations allowed! Queued up for one hour, I kid you not.

Second lesson for the day. Make sure you bring your Genting Rewards card. Physical card ok. Snapshots of card number etc not accepted. Why? Because they had a different published price for Genting members. Silly me didn't bring mine, hence we had to pay full price.

Similar to the original restaurant in London, the menu is pretty much a single pager so don't expect a cushy big fat menu with lots to choose from. 

We ordered the original lobster roll, the original wild life lobster, and durian tempura as dessert. Everything was sooooo good! (Still drooling over the lobsters as I'm typing this.)

Our meal for the night.

Everything came with their signature buttery sauce.

The original lobster roll was packed with lobster meat. Juicy, chunky, tender and fresh lobster meat, mixed with Japanese sauce and squeezed in between a brioche. Effectively a lobster toastie! However since it was the most expensive meal out of our ordered three, I was not impressed by the size. It was a pretty pathetic meal to share. Aiden walloped half in barely three minutes. (While saying "sooo good, sooo good" after every bite - that boy has got expensive taste! *chuckles*)

Original lobster roll, RM158. Check out the size of the roll relative to my hand.

As for the wild life lobster, the table next to ours had The Big Boys, so naturally Aiden wanted the same. We balked at the price; RM400 per kg and the smallest lobster they had was ~1.9kg. Sorry Aiden! *giggles* So we settled with our own lobster, which in fact was a pretty good size already for two. Again, we stuck with the original instead of the chili option. (There's always Fatty Crab in case you're craving for chili!) Sooooo good! We chose the grilled version and took our time savoring every bite.

My half of the lobster. I certainly took my time with this.

The size of the pinchers!

For dessert we chose to have durian tempura. This is really an underrated menu at B&L. The tempura was hot and crunchy, but when you bite in, a healthy dose of creamy durian filling comes oozing out. It felt like I had just died and gone to durian heaven.

Durian Tempura, RM25. Definitely a must try!

Verdict? Definitely an enjoyable dinner, despite the slightly atas prices. Would definitely come back for the durian tempura! But probably not for dinner. Perhaps weekday lunch, just to escape the queue? *still massaging my painful calves*

Thanks B&L for the awesome lobster experience!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ryan Tostobil

Seriously who is this Ryan and how the heck did he manage to woo my son into an obsession??

Ian is really getting to my nerves with this Ryan Toys Review business. I mean, it's bad enough that Ryan makes millions out of sheer advertising alone, but does he really have to be so addictive for small kids???

Anyway, ever since Ian found out that we can show YouTube videos on TV, he's been asking for "Ryan Tostobil" all day long. If he doesn't get it on TV, he asks for it on our phones. If we don't give it to him, he doesn't throw a tantrum or stuff like that. Instead, he either waits for us to get distracted and then 'steal' our phones from under our noses, or tug on our heartstrings by giving us the 'puppy eyes', pretend to merajuk or ask sadly "So what do I watch? You're watching TV... so what do I watch, ha?" *chuckles* I've tried everything to distract him; physical play, colouring, even baking! But he still ends up pining over darn Ryan. (That sounds so wrong, but you know what I mean.)

When we went to Europe, we hid the tablet and lied to him that we sent it to the 'shop' to get it fixed. The exciting trip was an excellent opportunity for him to forget about the darn tablet without the withdrawal symptoms... but just today he asked, "Why is my tablet so long?" (Why is my tablet taking so long to be fixed?")

Ryan Tostobil, please give this poor mummy a break! *sigh*

The adorable addict.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Longggg Holiday

Some say, it takes another holiday just to recover from a holiday. The past 5 days of public holidays have been awesome, but I wish I had another 5 days of leave to use to recover from the extended long weekend.

We kicked off our long leave on a high note - attending the Sea Games closing ceremony in Bukit Jalil. We decided to park at Glenmarie and take the LRT to Putra Heights and then the stadium. Bad choice, the LRT was so slow I was whining and grumbling the whole way. Should have just drove to Putra Heights instead.

We took pictures like tourists that day!

So semangat - we arrived super early to get good seats!

On the flip side, the concert was amazing. We paid ten measly ringgits to hear some of Malaysia's powerhouses on stage. I couldn't have dreamt of a better way to celebrate Merdeka midnight. Kudos to Hubby for his effort in securing tickets early. However, Aiden and Ian were slightly disappointed as they expected a colorful affair similar to the opening ceremony. (Ian kept asking "Issit finished? Can we go home?" after every song!)

They loved those Milo noise-makers.

Merdeka midnight!

The next day, we took full advantage of the zero traffic in KL and went to four (I repeat four) shopping malls. We started with Paradigm Mall for some salmon sashimi, then to Bangsar Village and Empire to check out BBQ sets and finally to Gamuda Walk to pick up our newly purchased BBQ pit!

Hari Raya Aidiladha was a somewhat quiet affair for us. The boys recycled their Eid baju melayu while I wore an outfit that I had sent to the tailor for Eid but never got around to wearing (we were galavanting Europe)! No pictures of us as a family, not because we didn't match, but rather the circumstances of the day. We had to attend a funeral of a relative so we left the kids with my in laws. While we were away, Ian started vomiting, so bad that my SIL brought him to the clinic. His first time to the clinic without his parents! *cries* Back home, Hubby started feeling loya tekak as well but it got better in the night. Unfortunately, my helper was next in line as she started vomiting the next day. Bad timing cos we had planned for a BBQ that night with my in laws. Thankfully my SILs took charge of most of the clean up afterwards, so my helper could recuperate in her own time.

The BBQ was great fun! The weather was good, we officiated our new BBQ set, we had a white screen in our garden showing Ola Bola and then Istanbul Aku Datang, and of course - food was scrumptious and plentiful. I made fried mihun, beef lasagne and brownies. The brownies was especially a hit - must remember to share the recipe here soon. Everyone went home with their tummies full that night.

Scrumptious marinated lamb, chicken and even salmon. And of course, hot dogs for Aiden.

Hubby bought the white screen for the SEA Games football finals (see - so semangat!) but now we can use it for our BBQ nights too.

After a late Saturday night, we slept in on Sunday. My helper was still out of action, poor thing. Hubby got me hooked on a new series on Netflix - Narcos. So we ended up having a Narcos marathon during the day. In the afternoon, we burned our calories at FlipOut; a trampoline park merely 15 mins away from home. Ended the day with dinner at Jibby and Co and dessert at Food Foundry. *drool*

I'm probably slightly late on the bandwagon, but Food Foundry's salted caramel mille crepe is really good.

Monday - the last day of the holiday rolled in. We managed to pry our eyes off Narcos and dragged out feet to Sunway Pyramid. Hubby wanted to service his car while I wanted dessert. We ended up in DipNDip - chocolate overdose!

Pancakes and fruits drizzled with dark Belgium chocolate.

Just what I needed as comfort food at the end of a long holiday.

It was quite obvious that none of us were looking forward to heading back to work, because we started planning our next holiday. Told you, we needed another holiday to recover from the last! So we ended our day on another high note - by booking a holiday for this upcoming weekend. Just three workdays away!

Oh weekdays... please be kind. Thank you in advance! *chuckles*

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Hello peeps. Sorry for the quiet few days. I've been out of action. Flat out, zero action.

Started with a few sniffles on Friday night which turned into a full blown fever on Saturday. (Such a waste of a weekend.) The weird thing is that even with paracetamol, the fever didn't seem to want to kebah. Low grade fever persisted the whole day. Same thing on Sunday. Come Sunday afternoon I decided to go to the clinic. They suggested that I take a blood test but I negotiated (sempat lagi tuh). Penakut jarum kan. Promised the doctor that I'll come back the next day if my fever doesn't subside.

Next day came rolling in and of course lah, demam the whole day. At that point I felt like throwing myself off a cliff or something. (Dramatic much??) Letih tau demam tak kebah kebah. It's like your body is constantly aching for three days straight. While I was down in the pits, memang teringat sangat sangat dekat arwah my Mum. Her cancer journey was 8 months long... but I can't even handle 3 days of fever. *sigh* Finally went to the doctor and serah diri for a blood test. It wasn't dengue, but rather... It was viral fever. No wonder antibiotics didn't work!

Yesterday the fever went down slightly but I was still coughing and aching. I was so confident I had pulled through the worst so I rescheduled all my meetings for Thursday. Confident habis that I only needed one more day to rest. Wishful thinking... That night the fever spiked up again - back to square one. This morning I woke up with a dull ache at my rib cage. Pening kepala macam nak muntah. Eeeehhhh macam macam lah. Seriously I'm not even sure whether I am fit enough for work tomorrow.

Anyway, doakan that I recover fast, please. Dah tak larat sakit lama-lama like this. *sakit itu penghapus dosa*
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